Tongs Corporation

With customers like the Australian and New Zealand High Commissions, the Australian Defence Force and the Red Cross, Tongs Corporation is one of the Solomon Islands more significant businesses.

Manager Dennis Lee says that the decision to implement Orion has provided many benefits.

"We found the migration process from our existing DMS to Orion very straightforward with the guidance and assistance of the Orion staff. They helped us to determine what data to migrate and made it all happen seamlessly and on time. "

"They were also helpful in redefining some of our own processes."

Dennis also says that while Orion has been easy to learn and adopt it has given Tongs enhanced visibility of their operations.

"We have got much greater insight into the business and consequently the areas we need to focus on through the reporting tools."

"We look forward to ongoing development of our business in partnership with the Orion team."