Orion 3.200

21 October 2014

After some 14 months of development Orion's latest version is about to be closed off for final testing with a target release to clients in New Zealand, Australia and over 20 other countries early in the new year.

SAM Computer Systems operations manager Raju Bhana says this new release will incorporate over 450 items of new development and software changes. The vast majority of these are enhancements requested by users/clients.

"We take client involvement in the direction of our development very seriously. We are always conscious that making our software solutions match our customer's business requirements is the main reason we exist and the primary reason for our success", he says.

Bhana says that examples of significant development in this release include further enhancement of the WebOrion portal (Orion's fully internet capable module), rental reporting, supplier and other interfaces, and the creation of a live parts catalogue update system.

"This version also incorporates significant "internationalization" in the system with (for example) expansion to the multi-currency capabilities in both the sales and purchasing areas of Orion, and some under-the-hood changes to make Orion a little more flexible when it comes to dealing with different tax and legislative regimes around the world.

Full release notes will be provided with the update.