Our Process

Innovation within methodology is our point of difference.

Pre-installation preparation, consultancy and training are all planned and coordinated in order to deliver and meet your expectations.

An assessment of your requirements for hardware, networking and telecommunications will be carried out. This may be delivered by our technical staff, or alongside your own suppliers.

Upon completion of the project, new processes will have been developed for your business. Your data will have been converted from old systems and all staff will have been challenged to better understand their role and how it fits into the overall operation.

Effortless Implementation
Installation of a new software system can be one of the most dramatic and potentially stressful changes that a business can go through.

Ensuring the implementation is delivered well is as important as the software itself. To achieve this, a delivery framework that manages all areas of the installation keeps the project on track from start to finish.

Change Management
All of the above will benefit the business in the medium and long term, but managing the change is critical.

The pressures on trainees and staff during an implementation include:

  • Preserving a high level of customer service is preserved while training is in progress
  • Operating normally during the Preparation and Go Live stages
  • Dealing with fear of change and confidence issues amongst staff
  • Dealing with unexpected issues
  • Exposure to new and unfamiliar technology

Attention to the effects of change is imperative. A business that has addressed Change Management properly will benefit many-fold from the time invested in this process.

We work closely with every customer, providing full support from start to finish. Our experienced consultants have collectively implemented thousands of systems and are experts at guiding new users through their daily routines and processes, especially during the initial, unfamiliar stages.

The ultimate goal is to deliver a successful implementation so that clients can enjoy the benefits and efficiencies that drove the original decision.