We don't force a one-size-fits-all system on our users. Our software is hugely flexible and our process encourages innovation and customisation.

Project Management Services

From conception to completion and beyond, we are with you every step of the way ensuring there are no unexpected surprises throughout the implementation of your software package.

We will carry out a site audit in advance of the implementation. Depending on the particular software package being installed, this audit may be completed without a physical visit in some cases.
At this point, resources will be identified, any necessary customisation agreed on and the Go Live date confirmed.

The typical implementation pathway.

  • Stage 1: Project Initiation
  • Stage 2: Planning and Preparation
  • Stage 3: Training
  • Stage 4: Implementation
  • Stage 5: Go Live
  • Stage 6: Handhold
  • Stage 7: Sign Off

Using Internationally Recognised Project Standards
Implementation delivery is underpinned by elements of internationally recognised project methodologies including Prince2 and ITIL.

Our implementation delivery and our support management have been developed using best practice along with these project standards. We maintain current qualifications in these methodologies within our existing staff.

The leading international computing methodology for support services is Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). We maintain current qualifications in this important methodology and use it to develop our support services. ITIL has been summarised as “the world’s best I.T. practices and processes wrapped into one comprehensive methodology”.

Each client site is provided with a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

One size does NOT fit all
We aren’t in the business of forcing a one-size-fits-all system on our users. We offer a range of software systems to different market segments. Our software is hugely flexible and our process encourages innovation and customisation.

An example of customisation is our approach to routinely converting historical data from old systems. This means installation is often a "clean break" and there is no need to keep old legacy systems running (and costing) for look up purposes.

Our commitment to ongoing client delivery doesn’t stop when the implementation ends. We continue to offer software changes and customisation as part of our ongoing software support service.

We hear you
We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients and, together with the leading edge technologies we employ, convert their ideas and requests into the industry’s most intuitive, efficient and cost effective specialist software solutions.

We have become a market leader only after a lot of hard work on our part plus considerable contribution by existing clients. Many of our clients are leaders in their own industries, so when they speak about their business needs, they have something worth saying and they deserve to be listened to.

Further testimonials and client comments can be on the Our Clients page.