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With over 35 years' experience servicing the automotive industry, Orion has proved itself to be a comprehensive dealership business management system. 

Orion is modular, allowing you to add and extend the functionality of the system to suit your requirements. You can scale Orion to fit any size and scope of enterprise, delivering a fully integrated solution which manages and connects all areas of your business.

From the base dealership system - Sales, Service/Workshop and Parts can all be added to create a comprehensive fleet management system. 
With the bonus of having a fantastic foundation of solid accounting and financial reporting, this is a system designed to make the flow of information through all areas of your business smooth and intuitive.

Powerful CRM and marketing functionality bridges all areas of the system. This enables comprehensive promotional activity, maximising both client prospecting and retention.

Orion manages all departments, ensuring that all profit centres realise their potential.

Specialist Dealership, Rental and Fleet Management System Solutions


Market leading service department functionality boosts speed and reduces costs.

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Orion Fleet

A natural extension of service workshop, Orion fleet management provides comprehensive control and analysis for fleets of any size.

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Orion Rental

 Orion extends to a fully featured Rental and Hire module.


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Orion Sales

A comprehensive automotive dealership software.

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Parts sales and throughput are maximised while at the same time inventory investment is minimised.

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Accounting/Financial Reporting

Seamless links to all departments provides managers and stakeholders with full operational visibility.

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