Accounting/Financial Reporting

"With Orion we know exactly how the business is performing, right to the minute."

"Our tax auditors were impressed at the general user-friendliness and ease of access to information."

Financial Reporting Software

To keep a firm grip on your business, comprehensive up-to-the-second financial records and reporting are a must. Orion's seamless financial reporting software and links to all departments provides managers and stakeholders with full operational visibility.

Efficiency With Minimum Effort
Despite Orion's ease of use, it is a sophisticated and modern business platform. Forget double data entry, time-consuming end of day batch processing and inefficient administration procedures. Orion keeps all areas of the business closely synchronised, allowing administration to maintain control with a minimum of active involvement.

Analysis The Way You Want It
Our expert consultants - including our own in-house chartered accountants - customise the Orion general ledger and financial reporting for each individual business, providing the departmental reporting structure needed to carry out analysis at every level.  

In addition to the global financial reports, each department is provided with its own comprehensive performance reporting. A handy centralised management summary report provides a 360° view of the whole operation.

Already Got An Accounting System?
Orion can be used as a "front end only", with inbuilt interfaces for linkage to other ERP or accounting systems. Some larger clients take this option to get the best of both worlds; Orion's strength in operational management combined with an existing centralised accounting system.