Orion Fleet

A fully integrated, comprehensive Fleet and Asset Management Maintenance system.

Separate data entry into a Fleet Management Software is not required

  • Avoid Downtime. Control Costs. Increase Asset Availability.
  • Automated maintenance scheduling and cost forecasting. 
  • Complete service history and fault log stored for each vehicle/asset.
  • GPS, Fuel Supplier and other integrated links.

True Integration
Effective workshop and inventory management significantly reduces fleet running costs. Orion seamlessly integrates the fleet management software with the service workshop and parts supply.

Further reducing fleet operating costs starts with efficient management of the workshop itself. Orion manages all repair and maintenance activities; and links this information to maintenance scheduling, service history retention, and then through to fleet analysis and reporting.

Orion runs the workshop, so the entire history of every maintenance and repair job is stored and always available. This includes a comprehensive breakdown of labour consumed as well as every part, fluid or consumable and the price paid for each.

Protecting YOUR Investment
Comprehensive workshop resource scheduling ensures that assets are maintained in optimum working condition.

Automated fault logging ensures any downtime is minimised. Service staff are able to prioritise each repair according to criticality.

Non-critical repairs are automatically incorporated into the service schedule at the most efficient and cost effective times.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis
The fleet manager is able to measure the financial performance of each fleet item compared to expected standards in terms of cost, downtime and utilization.

Accurate repair and maintenance models can be projected. When combined with expected income, purchase, depreciation, other costs and resale values, an optimum replacement point can be estimated.

The maximum overall efficiency and the best use of capital invested is assured.