Orion Rental

A comprehensive Rental and Dealership Sales solution.

A Dealership Management System that rents stock too !

  • Short, Medium, Long Term Hire
  • Automated Monthly Billing
  • Lower Costs and Better Control
  • Increased Availability and Investment Recovery
  • Total Business Integration
  • Proven Accounting and Financial Reporting

Fully Featured & Intuitive
Seamless integration between departments, locations and users (local and remote).

More Control - Less Effort
Accuracy and efficiency at every stage of the rental cycle. Stake holders and managers are provided with the visibility they need.

Scalable and Flexible
Any business size or scope including multi-location. Clients from the smallest to large groups benefit from Orion's efficiency and full system integration.

Design Partnership and Evolution
Orion closely matches the business requirements of clients because it has been designed in partnership with them.

35 Years Experience
Drawing on over three decades of specialist knowledge and expertise providing software solutions to a wide range of industries.

Premium After-Sales Support
Orion's support team of highly-qualified and respected trainers, implementers and consultants is acknowledged as leader in its markets.

Market Leader in Specialist Software
When you choose Orion to run your operation, you are buying from a market leader in specialist automotive software solutions, with a proven track record in providing operational efficiency to businesses just like yours.