Our industry has been waiting for a long time for such a cost effective and affordable inventory management system.

Inventory Management Software

Orion ensures that the investment in parts stock is kept to a minimum, but that what you need will be there when you need it.

Electronic Ordering
Orion's workshop management software and automated stock ordering allows accurate "suggested buy" purchasing with a minimum of operator effort. Ordering based on previous usage (including seasonal movements) anticipates future needs and raises or lowers inventory levels automatically; and purchase orders to multiple supplies are created automatically.

Electronic ordering and links to suppliers is standard.

Supplier file catalogues of all types are catered for.

Retail, Wholesale, Internal
Where fast and accurate retail parts selling is required, Orion provides a comprehensive solution including a sophisticated discounting and pricing structure. For trade suppliers, Orion provides the required functionality and controls including handheld ordering for remote salespeople. For internal fleets, workshops and repairers, Orion provides total integration to workshop and fleet departments. Whatever the size or scope of parts inventory, Orion is the correct system.

Importing and Exporting
Orion handles multi-currency purchasing and selling seamlessly.

Best Use Of Technology
Orion is barcode enabled at the sales counter and the storeroom. Links to handheld stocktaking devices are standard. Email and SMS text messaging is embedded.

Comprehensive Control and Reporting
Orion's strong stock management capabilities are complemented with full sales and costing analysis. All reporting is instant, online and a complete history is stored.